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On May 20th, 2017, the first Anniston Lion’s Club 8K run was held. And once again the local amateur radio operators of the Calhoun County Amateur Radio Association was called upon once again to serve and assist in a running race for a great cause, running for the sight impaired. This year Twenty-three men and woman loaded up their gear to set up a live net to control traffic and keep the participants safe This was the 19th race ran on the McClellan property and used to be a 5K run. Since the distance increased, more radio operators were needed as well.

For the first time folks such as myself (N4BAT) and my wife (WBFWLF) this gave us an opportunity to see what a field deployment was like as well as participate in a ‘net controlled event other than the weekly ‘net check-ins we have done since becoming licensed. It gave all of the radio operators the opportunity to field test their equipment for another big event the next day, The Cheaha Challenge.

Although our deployment lasted about an hour, that was plenty enough time to iron out some kinks in our equipment as well as prepare for the next days event. It was a great first time experience, and to actually listen and participate in a live event. The weather could not have been any better, and even made some new friends.

The proceeds from the race goes to Alabama Lions Sight Conservation / Anniston Lions Local Sight Fund, and Camp Seale Harris – a diabetic youth camp.

If you would like more information about Anniston Lion’s club, you may visit their home page at: Anniston Lion’s Club or their Facebook page at:Anniston Lion’s Club – Facebook