‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through the church house;
Many Hams were a stirring, but not because of a mouse;
No stockings were hung, but there seemed not a care;
We all knew why, because many dirty Santas were there;
The naughty children were up, not in their beds;
While visions of stealing others gifts danced in their heads;
All sat down to dinner, and had such a feast;
Most all of the morsels were eaten down to the least;
The time had come, the presents calling our names;
Time to sit down and play that dirty Santa game;
One gift was opened, then number two;
The first dirty Santa stood up and said “I’m stealing from you!”
Gift after gift, steal after steal,
All hams were having fun and let out some squeals.
It was down to the last gift, which no one could take.
What could it be? Our eyes wide awake.
Out came a gun shaped TP holder with Charmin and all.
A great time with fun and laughter, we had such a ball.