Clubs are a vital link to other local hams and many fun and exciting activities. The Calhoun County Amateur Radio Association (CCARA) cordially invites you to join us as a club member.

How can I become a member of the CCARA?

Membership shall be by application and acceptance by a majority of voting members present and shall be open to all persons who are interested in furthering the ideas and objectives of the Association, whether they are licensed radio amateurs or not, upon payment of membership dues as specified in the rules of the Association. Members will adhere to the code of conduct promulgated by the American Radio Relay League and Part 97 of the FCC Rules.

Membership in the CCARA shall have three classes:

Voting Members: 
A voting member will hold a valid amateur radio operator’s license issued by the U.S. or any country which holds a reciprocal license with the U.S. and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the CCARA.

Family Membership: 
A family membership is for those families in which one or more family member is a licensed Amateur Operator. This membership category pays $25/year. Each Ham operator within a family membership will be entitled to all rights and privileges of the CCARA, including voting rights.

Associate Members: 
An Associate member is any person who does not hold a valid Amateur Radio License issued by the U.S. or any country which holds a reciprocal license with the U.S. An Associate Member shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the CCARA except the right to vote in CCARA affairs and the right to hold an elective office in CCARA. A spouse and minor children of a voting member (and not holding valid Amateur Radio Licenses) will be made Associate Members upon request by the voting member. An Associate membership is without yearly dues.

Club Supporters: 
Club Supporter status may be recommended by the Association officers and must be confirmed by a majority of the voting members present at a regular meeting in recognition of a person or group for outstanding contributions to CCARA, Amateur Radio, or the community. This status is without privileges that are extended to a voting member of the CCARA and is without yearly dues.

Additional Club Questions

What are the dues to be a member of the CCARA?

$20.00 for annual individual plan.
$25.00 for annual family plan.

Dues shall be payable each year on January 1st and are delinquent after February 1st.

Members with dues that remain unpaid after April 1st will be automatically dropped from the rolls. Members dropped for delinquent dues will be required thereafter to apply for membership to be reinstated, and will pay dues equal to full year.

Dues for new members joining after March 1st will be pro-rated 1/10 of the total amount for remaining months in the year, and depending on the Plan (Individual or Family).

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What are the procedures for the acceptance of new members to the CCARA?

All new applicants for membership in CCARA shall be required to complete the prescribed membership application. New members will normally be sponsored by a current CCARA member. Applicants wishing to join CCARA who do not have a CCARA sponsor will provide character references on their application.

For more information about joining the CCARA please contact Wendell Jensen, CCARA Club President, and Shawn Campbell Club Secretary by filling out the form